On this page you can find our General Terms and Conditions. These are aimed at consumers as defined by the Austrian consumer protection laws (KSchG). Download: DiD_AGB_en [PDF, 32kb].

For orders in our webshop (shop.imdunkeln.at) applicable Terms and Conditions are listed within the webshop. For business customers our B2B Terms and Conditions apply as listed at our B2B offers; you can download them here: B2B AGB [PDF, 48kb].


General Terms and Conditions Dialog im Dunkeln Wien

Please consider that by reserving a ticket or buying a gift certificate or voucher you are accepting the following terms and conditions of Dialogue in the Dark-– Sensesation Ausstellungs GmbH, Schottenstift | Freyung 6, 1010 Vienna (hereinafter referred to as “organizer”).
These terms are intended exclusively for consumers in the sense of Austrian consumer protection laws (KSchG).

The reservation of tickets is possible during our opening hours (Tuesday - Friday from 9:00 to 18:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 19:00 and Sunday from 13:00 to 19:00, for seasonal changes refer to www.imdunkeln.at) using the number 01/890 60 60.

Ticket prices
The current prices can be seen on our website: www.imdunkeln.at. The prices include the sales tax as well as other all other taxes required by Austrian law.

Payment and Collection of Tickets
The tickets for regular tours can be collected and paid in advance, at least fifteen minutes prior to tour begin. Entrance fees for special events as well as for “Dinner in the Dark” are due one week prior to the event. For “Kids’s birthday in the Dark” the organizer charges a down payment one week prior to the booked event.

Terms of Cancellation
The planning of the available capacity is of crucial importance to the operator as it is limited. Due to this the operator highlights the consequences of cancellation for our guests. Visitors are therefore reminded that in the event of a cancellation the following cancellation fees are due.
6 - 3 days before the event will be invoiced with 50% of the ticket price,
3 - 1 days before the event will be invoiced with 75% of the ticket price,
cancellation on the day of the event will be invoiced with 100% of the ticket price.
If the visitor realizes he or she will not able to attend the booked event it would therefore be of mutual interest to contact the organizer as soon as possible.

Gift Certificates and Vouchers
Our vouchers are valid from the date of issue (see voucher). To redeem a voucher it must be handed out at the event to cashiers of the organizer. Vouchers are not redeemed in cash. Visitors are only entitled to services that correspend to the value of the voucher (see "Admission Prices"). The organizer reserves the right to invoice differences between coupon value and the value of the booked event.

In order to guarantee a punctual start of the tour it is important that the visitor arrives onsite at least fifteen minutes before the planned start of the tour. It is not possible, under any circumstances, to join the tour after it has started. The operator reserves the right to exclude tardy visitors from the tour or to refer them to a different tour.

Code of Conduct in the Premises of the Organizer
The visitor is required to follow the instructions by staff members at all times due to safety reasons. Persons that disregard the instructions of the staff can be excluded from the booked event without the right to claim compensation. In order not to interfere with the purpose of the exhibition or other events in the dark the visitor is asked not to bring cell phones or any other objects that may produce light.

Smoking and Open Fire
Smoking and open flames within the exhibition are strictly prohibited. Any violation gives our staff the right to exclude the violator without the entitlement to claim compensation.

The operator is not liable for personal and property damage experienced during the tour, nor is he liable for lost objects.

Final Clause
Should individual clauses of the general terms and conditions be or become legally void, the validity of the remaining clauses is not affected.