Dialogue in the Dark is an exhibition where you don't see anything at all. In groups of maximum eight people visitors are led by blind or visually impaired people through completely darkened rooms. In those you will experience everyday situations that turn into an appealing adventure by absence of light...

Please make a reservation: +43 (0)1 / 890 60 60.

All tours can be held in German or English. On request we can offer tours in Danish, Farsi (Persian), Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish or Hungarian.

During the school summer holiday we show everday situations from a foreign land in our programme "Blinder Passagier".

Seeing the Our World through different Eyes

You can learn valuable lessons at Dialogue in the Dark. Without the frustration of schools or study of theoretical essays. We'll accompany you on an adventurours journey that will open your eyes.

Leave behind your visual experience of your surroundings. What do you feel, when you see absolutely nothing for one hour? Use the voice of your guide for orientations. Smell the forest floor. Hear how far away from the street you are. Feel your way along the bar - and taste your favorite drink.

Our world is full of numerous sensory impressions and secrets to discover. Our guides lead you through the blind reality, and show you how colorful your other senses can be.



During the tour you will get to know yourself in a new light and develop understanding for all those who see our world through different eyes.

In passing you will meet visually impaired people who can show you how their life rolls out. Blind or visually impaired people experience themselves and their surrounding differently than sighted people. Not negative or black - yet sometimes with black humor. One's own disability is just one personal characteristic of many, and to the benefit of an open dialogue is set to the background.

Experience first hand that blindness can lead to other forms of perception. You will be able to approach people with disability openly and without prejudice and thus make your own significant contribution to respectful togetherness and social inclusion.

Please make a reservation: +43 (0)1 / 890 60 60.